Human Nutrition and Metabolism

Upon completion of this module, students will be aware of, and be able to demonstrate understanding of the basic biochemistry that underpins the functioning of the human body.


BSc Human Biology


Year One

20 Credits

Four broad themes will be explored: 

  • Nutrition - including recall of nutrient groups and basic processing within the body , exploring deficiencies and overdose problems
  • Energy metabolism - Pathways involved in release of ATP from biomolecules including both anabolic and catabolic reactions
  • Practical biochemistry techniques - Research led practical aspects to introduce students to common biochemical techniques used in research studies
  • Regulation and Deregulation of metabolic pathways - The control of metabolic pathways including the effect of enzyme/ protein denaturisation, redox, key enzymes and starvation


In course assessments (40%):

  • Practical write-ups (25%)
  • Case study (5%)
  • Workshop (10%)

1.5 hour end of year exam (60%)