Introduction to Evolution and Animal Biology

An overview of introduction from the pre-biotic era to Darwin and his impact. Natural selection, the origins of altruism and sexual reproduction, genetic determinants of evolution. 


BSc Biological Sciences, BSc Human Biology


Year One

20 Credits

The first lectures will provide a broad introduction to the animal kingdom providing information about phylogeny of animal taxa and about body plans with a focus on that of the vertebrate. The lectures on insect biology will illustrate the diversity in form and function of insects with reference to juvenile stages, mouthparts, social species, and examples of the taxonomic features of a major order, providing a foundation of knowledge on this group to underpin related second and third year modules. Focused lectures about three vertebrate groups, the fishes, birds and mammals, will be provided.

The module concludes with an introduction to animal behaviour, including living in groups, fighting and sexual selection.


Exam, Coursework