Physical Biochemistry

The fundamental laws governing biochemical reactions and how we can explore them experimentally.


BSc Biochemistry, BSc Medical Biochemistry, BSc Biological Sciences, BSc Human Biology


Year One

20 Credits

The module explores topics at 1st year level that fall under the broad headline 'Physical Biochemistry'. Central topics of this module include effect of pH on biological systems, thermodynamics of biochemical reactions, kinetics of chemical reactions, enzyme kinetics, structure-function relationships in enzymes. These topics are explored through a combination of lectures, workshops and practicals. The module discusses abstract concepts and mathematical approaches that will not be familiar to the students from their A-level courses. Therefore, weekly workshops are a key element of this module, where students have the opportunity to explore in depth the respective topics through problem solving and supervised self-study. The four laboratory practicals offer exposure to relevant experimental techniques and the module seeks to closely connect these practicals to lectures and workshops.


Lectures, practical classes and workshops, guided independent study


Exam (60%), Coursework (40%)