International Business Management

Third year module

This module aims to provide students with knowledge and skills relevant to the development, strategy and management of international business organisations and the institutional context for their growth and operation.
The module encompasses the broad domain of international business management in the context of the knowledge economy including: multinational and trans-national business activities; technological change and firm organisation; strategies and structures of 'global' firms; the management of trans-national knowledge flows; global technology and innovation strategies; national systems of innovation in developed and developing economies and their impact on multinational firms¿ location choices; global value chain development; and the interactions of multinational firms with their socio-economic, political and cultural environment.
In particular, the module will consider the impact of the growing Asian economies on the strategic management processes of firms around the world. Further, attention will be paid to the emergence of developing world multinationals and the different configurations of these firms in apparent contradiction to conventional (i.e. western) wisdom about product and geographic diversification.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module the student should be able to:-

  • Understand the relationship between technological change and both the organisational forms of firms and the institutional framework of countries in the context of globalisation
  • Critically assess and make comparisons of MNC management practices across countries
  • Appreciate the strategies firms use to develop and maintain research, manufacturing and marketing activities across national borders
  • Analyse and evaluate the different socio-economic and political contexts in which MNCs develop and operate


1 x 2hour exam (100%)