Marketing Communications

Third year module

The aim of this module is to examine the theories, principles and practice of advertising and marketing communications. Indicative content:

  • The role of advertising and marketing communications in the marketing process and branding;
  • The communications process - theories and models of how marketing communications works;
  • The choice and role of celebrities in advertising and marketing communications;
  • Advertising, Public Relations, Sales Promotion and Direct Marketing and their roles in the marketing communications mix;
  • Campaign planning;
  • The client brief;
  • The problems and opportunities in global advertising and marketing communications;
  • Advertising and marketing communications and electronic, interactive and digital media;
  • Ethics and advertising and marketing communications.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module the student should be able to:

  • Develop knowledge of communication theory and terminology and how it applies to the marketing communications process;
  • Interpret the meaning of advertising and marketing communications;
  • Begin to analyse and assess specific advertising and marketing communication strategies developed and managed by firms;
  • Evaluate and contrast selected individual components of the communications mix;
  • Collect and interpret marketing information relevant to the development of an advertising and marketing communications plan;
  • Understand the nature of advertising and marketing communications as a concept and a process;
  • Improve written and presentational skills and communication skills;
  • Improve knowledge and application of information technology-based information sources for report research;
  • Appreciate and enhance use of PC-based graphics packages and multi-media.


Assessed jointly with 07 09099: exam (70%), coursework - presentation and 2,000 word report (30%)