African Studies and Anthropology Second and Third/Final Year module summaries

Second Year modules 

Research in Practice

  • 20 credits

This module prepares students for a final year dissertation and independent study in the Department of African Studies and Anthropology. It provides all students with a thorough grounding in research methodologies relevant to Anthropology and its cognate disciplines within African Studies (for instance history, literature, development). Students will gain knowledge of research design and implementation, research ethics, and independent study skills, and will also practise a selection of methodologies for assessment. At the end of the module, students will have prepared a suitable research proposal that could form the basis of their final year DASA dissertation.

Aid, NGOs and Development 

  • 20 credits

The module traces the emergence and changing nature as well as (development) significance of NGOs with reference to Africa. It explores the challenges and opportunities associated with the role of these organisations in African development policy, planning, implementation and evaluation. It also introduces students to the world of NGO work through invited seminar presentations by NGO workers and the requirement for students to undertake a project which involves designing an NGO.

Theory and Ethnography

  • 20 credits

Ethnography and Theory covers essential elements of social theory for Anthropology, and anthropological theory for the Social Sciences and Humanities. It provides training in theories and theorists who have influenced anthropological thought and ethnographic research; and in the historical development of anthropological schools of thought, including those grounded in different national contexts, from the nineteenth century to the present day.

Examples of Second and Third Year optional modules

  • 20 credits each
  • Kinship, Gender and Sexuality
  • Anthropology of Islam
  • From Colony to Nation: Ghana 1987-1966 
  • African Popular Culture  
  • Law, Rights and Justice  
  • Rural Livelihoods & Development Interventions in West Africa 
  • Religion & Ritual  
  • Social Life of the Economy  
  • Slavery and Freedom in 20th Century Africa  
  • Theory and Ethnography

Third/Final Year Modules 

Dissertation (Third/Final Year)

  • 40 credits

In this module, students will identify a topic that is of interest of them and which is appropriate to their chosen degree subject. The Dissertation should be a culmination of the enquiry-based learning that has been developed in the course of their degree programme, and as such students are expected learner independence, whilst being supported by members of academic staff and by their peers.  Students will plan and execute work that culminates in a Dissertation of 10,000 words. The successful completion of a Dissertation will allow students to demonstrate the following skills which are transferable to employment or further study:

  • Project planning
  • Time management
  • Information selection, retrieval and storage (using ICT where appropriate)
  • Responding positively to feedback
  • Written communication
  • Editing and presenting a substantial piece of work (using ICT where appropriate).