Year 2 Modules

Compulsory Modules

Politics of Performance

This module investigates the ways in which the theatre and other forms of cultural performances are shaped by the socio-political conditions in which they occur. These topics include subjects currently seen in the media, such as revelations of sexism in theatres; terrorists using ‘performance’ as a tactic (e.g. beheading videos) and the decision by the Royal Court to first remove and then reinstate a production of Andrea Dunbar's play Rita, Sue and Bon Too, due to it being 'tainted' by association with its former Artistic Director Max Stafford Clark.

Theatre Praxis: Texts in Rehearsal 

The module aims to enable students to approach text based material for performance through methodologies appropriate to that particular text. Through the development of a number of different rehearsal techniques and methods of textual analysis, students are led through the process of preparation of texts for performance.

Theatre/Performance Lab: Devising Lab and Approaches to Text 

This module enables students to explore devising vocabularies and strategies adopted by professional contemporary practitioners. These may include experimentation with levels of presence and distinctions between acting and performance; experimentation with physical choreographies and visual aspects of theatre; experimentation with audience participation and configuration and experimentation with narrative, new text, found models of text and textual adaptation. Students will be taken through a series of workshops and then supported in drawing on selected strategies to create their own original practice in small groups.

Optional Modules (may include) 

Study Options (students choose 1)

  • British Theatre

  • Elizabethan and Jacobean Theatre

  • Historical Avant Garde 

  • Irish Theatre: History, Politics and Culture, 1870 - 1970

  • Popular Performance

  • Modern Drama: Ibsen to Pinter 

Practical Intensives (students choose 1)

  • Acting

  • Collaborative Strategies 

  • Mask 

  • Monologue

  • Writing for Performance  

Theatre Crafts 2 or another Study Option or another Practical Intensive