Advanced Options: A

School of History and Cultures

Advanced Option A - Autumn

The module will allow you to study a historical theme or area in depth, under the guidance of an individual member of staff drawing mainly on secondary sources (and primary where appropriate). You will chose from a range of specialised historical topics dealing with a spectrum of geographical, chronological, and thematic issues. The exact list of topics available each year will vary, depending on staff availability and workload distributions, and will be subject to the approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies. The choice of topics will be wide (10 or more), but for the most part closely aligned to the research interests of individual members of academic staff. In conjunction with other modules in the programme, the module will allow you to develop an appreciation of history as a chronologically and geographically varied subject and enhance your awareness of the textureand variety of an ever more complex discipline. The module will require you not only to analyse and explain the past, but also to engage in critical evaluation of key contemporary evidence and the relevant historiography.


20 credits 

Contact time

You will have a total of 3 formal seminar-based contact hours per week, plus up to two weekly staff office hours for one-to-one consultation at your request.


2 essays x 2,500 words each.

Examples of the choice of topics

  • The Black Death in medieval Europe, diaster, change and recovery
  • Military revolutions and the conduct of war, c.1300-1650
  • Toleration and persecution in early modern Europe
  • Witchcraft, religion and power in early modern Europe
  • Russia in revolution 1900-1939
  • Conflict in the modern Middle East
  • Finance and the Second Wolrld War
  • The Mirror of Modernity: global histories of photograghy
  • A Man's World? Women, War and the Modern Military
  • 'A Holiday from Reality': a history of drugs and drug use in the modern era
  • The Age of Energy: Global histories of hopes, needs nd carbon
  • The United States South: from plantations to Nascar
  • The cost of war


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