Biological Development During Childhood and Adolescence (Module 32987)

This module covers biological psychology and developmental psychology.

It will examine biological development from infancy to adolescence (including brain development), and how these changes influence learning. Factors influencing atypical and typical biological development will also be discussed.

The role of education settings in supporting biological development will be considered and there will be a focus on the biological bases of behaviour, including puberty and its effect on adolescent development.  


By the end of the module you should be able to:

  • Describe the key areas of biological development and their relationship with learning;
  • Distinguish between typical and atypical biological development;
  • Identify factors that can influence biological development, including in education settings;
  • Explain the impact of puberty on behaviour and development during adolescence, including in education settings


20 credits

Contact time

Lectures (20 hours), Seminars (14 hours), Practical classes/workshops (6 hours)


2000 word blog post (50%); 2 hour unseen exam (50%)

Programmes associated with this module