Contemporary Issues in Education (Module 21573)

This module will examine current developments and issues in education, drawn from topical concerns and the research interests of staff.

The module will focus on the key role of different kinds of research activity to develop and evaluate educational initiatives and to subject contemporary educational practice to critical scrutiny. As well as listening to specialists talking about their own research, you will have the opportunity in small groups to access and use a wide variety of source materials, to analyse reports and articles and to develop their personal views on significant issues where opinion is divided. The module is designed to develop your ability to critically evaluate key pieces of educational research and communicate this critical thinking in different jenres of writing.   


By the end of the module you should be able to:

  • Critically engage with key pieces of educational research literature that examine current issues in education.
  • Investigate a contemporary issue in education using relevant sources of information.
  • Produce well-constructed assignments that critically use the literature.
  • Demonstrate the ability to critically engage with presenters and other students through discussion of research presented in seminars and tutorials.


20 credits 

Contact time

Lectures (20 hours), Seminars (10 hours), Practical classes/workshop (10 hours), Guided independent study (160 hours)


1,500 word blog with annoted bibliography (33%); 2,500 word essay (67%)

Module leader

Dr Jawiria Naseem

Programmes associated with this module