Contemporary Issues in Education (Module 34016)

This module will enable you to develop the relationships, skills, and critical dispositions that will support your overall achievement.

It is designed to introduce you to different kinds of educational research while also equipping you with key skills in academic reading, writing and discussion (both listening and speaking). A key aspect of the module is the practical recognition it gives to the importance of relationships and community in developing a sense of belonging and facilitating academic success.


By the end of the module you should be able to:

  • Participate confidently and responsibly in a learning community that includes academics and a diverse group of peers.
  • Independently interpret and evaluate the meaning and significance of research-based material.
  • Express arguments and personal conclusions appropriately supported by research and reason.
  • Demonstrate the ability to critically engage with other students through discussion of research.


10 credits 

Contact time

Lectures (14 hours), Tutorials (9 hours), Guided independent study (77 hours)


Participation in group tutorials (20%); 800 word essay (or equivalent blog) reflection engagement in learning communities and relationships (40%); and a 800 word refelction on the process of academic argument (40%).

Programmes associated with this module