Educational Psychology

This module will critically examine the theory and practice of the psychology of education across all phases of development and schooling (0-18 years), plus a reflective input on the psychology of teaching and learning in undergraduate education. 

There will be a focus on cross-cultural issues in educational psychology as these relate to
children and young people’s cognitive development, models of learning, interpersonal relationships, clinical issues, mental health and psychological wellbeing, and safeguarding matters; these will be considered in relation to children in schools, within families and as a
reflection of their membership of other social and community contexts. 

Input will be provided on the theory and practice of psychological measurement of educational phenomena and educational psychology will also be considered in applied contexts, across cultures, in relation to youth justice, social care and health services, and in multi-disciplinary working.  

The Psychological perspectives upon special educational needs will be informed by a critical analysis of the role of applied educational psychology in helping schools to meet the needs of SEN pupils, their teachers and carers.

Value: 20 credits

Assessment: Poster presentation (40%); Psychology report (60%)

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