Exploring Disability and Inclusion

Module 27485

Value: 20 credits

School of Education

In this module, you will be introduced to legislation (UK-based and international) on disability with particular reference to education and the provisions and needs of children/young people. You will learn to use a variety of theoretical frameworks from disability studies and interdisciplinary perspectives on intersectionality to conceptualise disability and inclusion within the context of education. You will also be introduced to critical perspectives on how disability is constituted and experienced in educational institutions from early years to higher education, and how institutions are challenged through activism to bring about change.

Aims of the module

By the end of the module, you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and critical understanding of the legal and theoretical framework which addresses needs of learners with a range of disabilities and difficulties and how to reduce the barriers to meeting these needs in practice;
  • Critically evaluate a range of approaches to working with learners with disabilities and understand how these are deployed in educational settings;
  • Analyse ways in which children with disabilities, parents, teachers, therapists, social care professionals and others can all work together to promote high quality provision with the best possible overall outcomes;
  • Evaluate your own experiences when interacting with children and adults with disabilities and plan their own future personal developments in the area of disability.


Two 2,000 word essays

Contact hours

40 hours

Module leader

Dr Jawiria Naseem 

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