Group Research

Module code 23513

School of History and Cultures

This module provides you with an exciting opportunity to work in a group to design and execute a collaborative research project. The aim is for you to gain experience in the process of historical inquiry and develop your research skills in a supportive environment in advance of individual work for the dissertations. You will also benefit greatly from the opportunity to work in a team and coordinate your own project effectively.

You will pursue a range of presentational methods and styles to convey your ideas and research. Many students choose to learn and utilise IT presentational packages to support their work. You will need to submit an individual essay on your research. By the end of the module you will have enhanced your presentational skills, your skills as an historian, developed your interest in a particular field of history, and be able to demonstrate to future employers that you have experience of working collaboratively and making professionally acceptable oral presentations.

You are permitted to choose a project from a wide range of choices - see below. You will work in teams of approximately 4-6 students under the supervision of a member of academic staff. The tutor will help you to embark on the project by providing initial ideas and reading, but you are then free to design your own project according to the enthusiasm and capacities of the group. All groups make extensive use of primary source evidence as well as reviewing the secondary literature on their topic.. 

Group project themes offered in past years included:

  • The first crusade as seen by contemporaries
  • The many headed monster, popular unrest in medieval Europe
  • Magna Carta
  • Richard III
  • Imagined Communities: Tudor History on Film and TV
  • Domestic servants at work in Georgian England
  • Worlds of the founders: revolutionary America, 1750-1826
  • Roll Jordan roll: American slavery and its sources
  • Big City Street Life in Victorian England
  • The British Infantry Officer on the Western Front 1914-18
  • Britain and drugs in the era of total war
  • A carthaginian peace?: The treaty of Versailles and its aftermath
  • English cricket between the wars
  • Hurrah for the Black Shirts
  • The Desert War in North Africa 1940-1943
  • Building a better Birmingham: the city and its development, 1945-1980
  • Graffiti and street art in the modern world
  • Multicultural Britain: race, empire and immigration in the twentieth century Britain
  • History in theory and practice


20 credits


25 minute presentation and 2,500 esssay