History Dissertation

This module develops from work undertaken in the second year on Research Methods. You will  work to complete research undertaken and then focus your energy on preparing drafts of the chapters for your dissertation. You will undertake a wide range of research activities enabling you to engage directly with contemporary debates in history and examine and interpret diverse sources such as letters, diaries, newspapers, government, business, church and parish records, statistical sources and media representations of varying kinds etc...

Students studying this module are required to prepare a 12,000 word dissertation within the broad field of History and students choose to study diverse regions and periods. Some students elect to research an area to which they have already been introduced via a taught module, others develop themes initiated in Group Research Projects, and some students seize the opportunity to pursue a research interest that they have been unable to develop elsewhere in the curriculum.

Some examples of topics recently researched by students on this programme include:

  • Representations of Ireland and Irish communities in British media, 1960
  • Alehouses in early 17thC Society
  • Anglo-American relations and the Korean war
  • RAF Bomber command: the debate about targeting
  • The social context of sport in 20thC Northamptonshire
  • The experience of the British soldier in South Africa 1899-1902
  • Enoch Powell: the Northern Irish years
  • Attitudes of local Conservative associations to the Edwardian tariff reform debate
  • The impact of religious aspects of Charles I personal rule on Worcester
  • Exploring the BBC and its relationship with government, 1939-42
  • The Cecils and Elizabethan Court politics in the 1590s
  • The writings of Christopher Columbus
  • English anti-popery and responses to Catholic rebellion in Ireland, 1641.
  • Views of magic in post-reformation England
  • Infant mortality: trends and explanations, 1850-1914
  • The legitimacy of female monarchy in 16thC Britain
  • Anglo-American perceptions of the Soviet war effort, 1941-45
  • Defence preparations in Kent during the Napoleonic wars
  • English radical societies and the French revolution
  • British diplomacy in the American War of independence
  • Capital punishment in Britain after 1945
  • An assessment of the impact of America's musical revolution upon British music and society in the period 1955 to the Beatles
  • A contrast of working class and middle class women in the Suffragette movement
  • The administration of the poor law in Britain, with special reference to the position of women, 1870-1910
  • Conflict and cooperation in the peasant community of Wakefield
  • A comparison of the pipe rolls of the bishopric of Winchester, 1301-1409
  • Victorian sexual morality
  • Middle class spinster-hood in 19thC Britain
  • Economic forgery in medieval England
  • The incorporation of the medical profession into the NHS with particular reference to Birmingham
  • How was the devil represented through 16thC drama and literature?
  • Assisted passage to Australia in post-war Britain
  • Factional politics at the Court of Mary Queen of Scots
  • The road to Salvation: the spiritual journeys of Wesley's preachers
  • The campaign against outdoor relief and its impact on workhouse populations
  • American popular and commercial culture in interwar Britain


40 credits


Total of up to 6 hours 1:1 supervision available


100% 12,000 word dissertation

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