Philosophy of Education

Module 26283

School of Education

The School of Education is home to one of the largest groups of Philosophers of Education in the UK.

This module will provide an introduction to the discipline of philosophy of education. It is divided into three blocks:     

  1. Key Concepts in Education will examine the core concepts of education, learning, teaching, indoctrination, knowledge, rationality and intelligence;       
  2. The Aims of Education asks what children should learn and why, exploring influential ideas about worthwhile activities, forms of knowledge, critical thinking, vocational education, character education and child-centred education;       
  3. Fairness, Freedom and Control will consider key questions about the organisation, governance and distribution of education, opening up debates about selective, private and faith-based education, access to higher education and equality of educational opportunity.      

Module Lead

Professor Michael Hand


20 credits

Contact time

Lectures (20 hours), Seminars (20 hours)


Two 1,500 word essays (50% each)

Teaching methods

  • Lectures
  • Seminars
  • Tutorials
  • Small group discussions
  • Independent study


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