Placement (Module 19255)

The module will provide you with an opportunity to work with children and young people in a professional setting.

The placements are organised by students themselves with support from members of staff and careers colleagues. The placements will provide you with a choice of approved setting, according to availability. Settings may include, for example, special schools, day nurseries, family support teams, out of school provision, community play or youth schemes, medical provision for children or young people. You will be enabled to demonstrate your capacity to engage in the workplace alongside professionals and to learn by observing, doing and reflecting on your performance. You will learn to support your own development by keeping a learning journal or diary which incorporates targets and self-evaluation.


By the end of the module you should be able to:

  • Demonstrate a developing understanding of professional principles, practices and values, both generally and in the context of the placement setting;
  • Promote the well-being of children/young people in the setting, with due regard to child protection issues, health and safety requirements and anti-discriminatory practice;
  • Work alongside a group of practitioners and contribute to the work of the team;
  • Observe and acknowledge competent professional practice in the setting, with increasing understanding;
  • Demonstrate a developing ability to communicate effectively with colleagues, children/young people and (where relevant) parents and carers;
  • Reflect on his or her own performance, showing insight and intellectual honesty;
  • Learn from day-to-day experience by setting targets for improvement and evaluating progress.

Module Lead

Simon Asquith


20 credits

Contact time

Lectures (8 hours), Tutorials (5 hours), Guided independent study (117 hours)


3,000 words Learning Journal (100%)