Young People and Social Change (Module 26290)

This module will introduce and examine sociological perspectives on young people and social change.

In the first part of the module you will be introduced to a series of contemporary debates on the alleged crises facing young people today. The module will locate these crises in sociological debates about social change and the changing influence of social structure. You will be introduced to the key sociological  tools that can be applied to these debates and explore the ways in which sociologists can best understand the ways in which young people are affected by social change. Throughout the module, there will be an emphasis on developing critical and analytic skills in acdemic work.   


At the end of this module you should be able to:

  • Identify different perspectives on young people and social change 
  • Evaluate different perspectives on young people and social change.
  • Understand and apply sociological perspectives to contemporary debates on young people and social change
  • Use ICT to locate seminar reading.
  • Read and understand appropriate academic prose. 
  • Identify and implement strategies for analysing academic arguments.

Module Lead

Dr Kevin Myers


20 credits 

Contact time

Lectures (20 hours), Seminars (20 hours), Guided independent study (160 hours)


1,500 word essay (33%), 2,500 word essay (67%).

Programmes associated with this module