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Faculty of Educational Sciences

The Faculty of Educational Sciences at the University of Oslo is the largest educational research institution in Norway, and one of the leading faculties in the field in Europe. The faculty comprises three departments and a research centre, totaling nearly 250 staff and 2,500 students. The research portfolio includes education, special needs education, and curriculum studies, as well as topics such as school leadership, virtual learning technologies, and new media.

Departments in the faculty of educational sciences

  • Department of Education
  • Department of Special Needs Education
  • Department of Teach Education and School research

Research Schools

  • National Research School in Science Education
  • National Graduate School in Educational Research
  • National Research School of Humanities Studies in Education


Education for all

This course is a component in the first semester of the two-year Master’s Programme in Special Needs Education.

Areas of study include:

The significance of the relationship between individual and environmental factors seen through:

  • Perspectives on human rights and the rights for persons with disabilities
  • Global perspectives on inclusive education
  • Nordic perspectives on inclusive education 
  • The relevance of ecological system theory
  • Assessment and observation based on a bio-psychosocial understanding of human functioning and development – International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF)

• Understanding the complexity of the relationship between individual and environmental factors on inclusive practices.
• Developing critical reflections concerning the significance of contextual and cultural perspectives in implementing education for all, with a special focus on education for persons with disabilities.
• Lectures
• Seminars
• Literature studies
• Student group work with audio-visual material
• Student group and plenary discussions
Course requirements:
• Writing and presentation of an individual paper prepared before the start of the course
• Group work based on video recordings
Written group assignment inc

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