English and Creative Writing final year modules

Compulsory module

Creative Writing Project

This module requires students to produce an extended piece of writing in the form of a Creative Writing Project, recognising the combined practical and self-reflective processes they have been involved in on the creative writing part of the programme, by including both a creative and a critical component. For the creative writing component, students will be able to choose between any of the genres studied (poetry, prose, drama, media writing), thus having the opportunity to consolidate preparatory, drafting, editing and self-assessment skills under expert supervision by a genre-specialist. Fro the critical component, students will be expected to demonstrate an ability to place their own writing - as process and product - in a wider literary and cultural context.

Optional modules (may include) 

Creative Writing and English Literature Special Subjects (students choose 4)

  • Children's Film and Television 

  • Creative Non Fiction

  • Extreme Fictions

  • Funny Feelings in Eighteenth-Century and Romantic Literature

  • Modernism in the Magazines   

  • Sympathetic Texts 

  • The Art of Translation 

  • The Hatred of Poetry 

  • Writer as Global Reader: Responding to Texts in Translation 

  • Fantasy and Fandom: writing back to the medieval in modern fantasy 

  • African American Freedom: 20th Century Literature and Visual Culture 

  • After the Deluge: Writing and Recovery after the First World War 

  • Alternative Facts: Genre, Historicism and the Fantasy of Other Pasts  

  • American Frontiers: Nation and Identity in the Nineteenth Century

  • Byron and Keats 

  • Digital Witness: Stories of Surveillance 

  • Elizabeth I and her Poets 

  • Fantastic Beasts and Where They Came From 

  • Feminist Killjoys: Theories of Gender and Sexuality 

  • Flourish for the Players (Shakespeare's Contemporaries) 

  • From Cover to Cover: Histories of the Book

  • Gender and Irish Fiction 

  • Guilty Pleasures: Reading the Historical Romance 

  • Islamophobia and the Novel  

  • Last Year’s Novels

  • Law and Literature

  • Literary Translation 

  • Literature at Sea: 1851 to present 

  • Literature in the Age of Evolution 

  • Love Poetry

  • Magic, Monsters and Marvels in the Medieval World 

  • Making Global Literatures in Britian 

  • Mapping the Middle Ages: Cultural Encounters in the Medieval East and West 

  • Modern American Poetry 

  • Muslim Women's Popular Fiction

  • Neo-Victorianism

  • New York, New York 

  • Nineteenth-Century Detective Fiction 

  • Orwell's Books: Writing Politics, Resisting Tyranny 

  • PoMo Historical Fictions 

  • Remembering World War One 

  • Rude Britannia: 1660 - 1830 

  • Shakespeare's Tragedies 

  • TMI: Confessional Writing, from Rousseau to present 

  • The End of Life As We Know It: The Implications of Digital Technology 

  • The Modern Short Story 

  • Politics and Terror in the Age of Revolutions