English and Creative Writing final year modules

Compulsory module

Creative Writing Project

This module requires students to produce an extended piece of writing in the form of a Creative Writing Project, recognising the combined practical and self-reflective processes they have been involved in on the creative writing part of the programme, by including both a creative and a critical component. For the creative writing component, students will be able to choose between any of the genres studied, thus having the opportunity to consolidate preparatory, drafting, editing and self-assessment skills under expert supervision by a genre-specialist. For the critical component, students will be expected to demonstrate an ability to place their own writing - as process and product - in a wider literary and cultural context.

Optional modules (may include) 

Creative Writing Special Subjects (students choose 1 or 2)

  • Creative Non Fiction 

  • The Hatred Of Poetry 

  • Sympathetic Texts 

English Literature Special Subjects (students choose 2 or 3)

  • After the Deluge: Writing and Recovery after the First World War

  • African American Freedom: 20th Century Literature and Visual Culture

  • African Popular Culture

  • American Frontiers: Nation and Identity in the Nineteenth Century

  • The Art of Translation

  • Bedtime Stories: Reading Children’s Picture Books

  • Bringing Out the Bodies: Technology, Transhumans and Skin

  • Decoding Pop Culture

  • Elizabeth I and her Poets

  • The End of Life As We Know It: The Implications of Digital Technology

  • Fantastic Beasts and Where They Came From

  • Fantasy and Fandom: Writing Back to the Medieval in Modern Fantasy

  • From Plato to the Postmodern: Theories of Literature and Art

  • Hidden Romanticism

  • Islamophobia and the Novel

  • Jane Austen: the Novels and their Afterlives

  • Last Year's Novels

  • Law and Literature

  • Making Global Literatures in Britain

  • Mapping the Middle Ages: Cultural Encounters in the Medieval East and West

  • Modern American Poetry

  • Multiple Voices: New York City Poetics, 1960-1985

  • Muslim Women's Popular Fiction

  • Nineteenth-Century Detective Fiction

  • Paradise Lost: Text and context

  • Remembering World War One

  • Senses of the Past: Historical Fiction in the Long Nineteenth Century

  • Shakespeare's Tragedies

  • Single Author: Virginia Woolf

  • The Social Life of Literature

  • The Work of Giants: Old English Tales and their Afterlives in Fiction and Film