English and Film modules - Final year

Compulsory modules

English and Film Dissertation (40 credits)

A 10,000 word extended project that can be written in either English or Film, or can cover both subjects in combination. The dissertation is focused on a topic entirely of your choosing and will draw upon the skills you have developed over two years of undergraduate study in English and Film.

Audio-visual Dissertation in Film (40 credits)

This can be taken in place of the written dissertation and allows you to present your ideas as a film, which you will devise, produce and develop in consultation with our specialist staff. 

Optional modules

4x English and Film Special Subjects (20 credits each)

Choose four modules from a list such as Postcolonial Cinema; Film and Television Authorship; Cold War Film; Fantasy and Fandom; Last Year’s Novels; Law and Literature; The Modernist Novel; Remembering World War One; Victorian Literature and Science; Bringing Out the Bodies: Technology, Transhumans and Skin; Utopia and its Discontents; Politics and Terror in the Age of Revolutions; Historical Fiction in the Nineteenth Century; John Donne and the Metaphysical Poets; Shakespeare’s Bodies on the Edge; Literature in the Age of Evolution; New York, New York; Viragos, Coquettes and Prudes; Mapping the Middle Ages: Cultural Encounters in the Medieval East and West; Paradise Lost: Text and Context; TMI: Confessional Writing, from Rousseau to Present; From Plato to the Postmodern: Theories of Literature and Art; Shakespeare’s Afterlives.