English Language and Linguistics second year modules

Compulsory modules

Structure of English

Professional Research Skills for Linguists 

On this module, students will work in teams to plan a linguistic research project which responds to a problem or question posed by an employer or an academic researcher. In part A (semester 1) students will put their linguistic expertise to work in exploring and evaluating possible methods and sources of data, while in part B (semester 2) their linguistic expertise will be utilised to gather and analyse data, and to present their findings, orally and in writing. The module will develop important academic and professional skills such as responding to a brief, working as part of a team, and designing an effective research project.

Optional modules (may include)

English Language Options (students choose 4) 

  • Corpus Linguistics 

  • Discourse Analysis

  • History of the English Language

  • Language Acquisition and Literacy 

  • Psycholinguistics

  • Sociolinguistics