English year 2 modules

Compulsory module

Shakespeare: Elizabethan and Jacobean

Shakespeare: Elizabethan and Shakespeare: Jacobean will offer students the opportunity to read texts from across the whole span of Shakespeare’s writing career, exploring his development as a creative artist on both page and stage and within the rapidly changing world around him. We will see the unique literary, theatrical, social, and political forces that came together at this turbulent period of change in English history to make Shakespeare's art possible. We will consider what he is as much as what he was, and his plays and poems will be considered as both products of time, place, and circumstance, and as transhistorical works of art that speak to the present in ways that are not always comfortable. Shakespeare: Elizabethan and Shakespeare: Jacobean will explore, among many other things, questions of genre, dramaturgy, poetic form, historical context, and political and philosophical engagement, and you will have the opportunity in your assessment to write about his work in whichever ways you find most interesting or enabling.

Optional modules (may include) 

Histories of Literature (students choose 4 or 2 if taking a Creative Practice)  

  • Critical Encounters with Medieval Popular Literature

  • Decadents and Moderns

  • Literature 1950-Present

  • Renaissance Poetry

  • Restoration and Revolution

  • Romantics and Victorians

Themes in Literature (students choose 1)

  • Colonial/Postcolonial 

  • Digital Futures

  • Gender and Sexuality Studies 

  • The Gothic

  • Public English

  • Rags and Riches: Wealth and Poverty in American Literature and Culture

  • Tragedy 

  • The Use of Genre: Nefarious Plots, Cheap Thrills and the Search for Meaning

Creative Practice (if taking) 

  • Creative Writing 

  • Drama

  • Film

  • Language