Ancient and Medieval History (V116) module summaries

Second Year

Research Methods A & B

  • 10+10 credits

This module is designed to support students as they develop a topic on which to write their dissertation in your final year. It not only marks a crucial stage in their degree as a whole, but is also an important module in its own right. The Research Methods module will give students firsthand experience of the work of a historian as they learn to identify and frame a valid, intellectually coherent research question; identify, find and consider what primary sources they will use and how they will use them; consult with a specialist historian in whatever area it is they wish to work on; present their planned project to their peers; write a literature review that analyses what historians have made of the same subject, and start preliminary work on their dissertation proper by conducting two weeks’ worth of research.

Optional Modules

Students must choose 100 credits of optional modules. 

Medieval Option A and Medieval Option B example modules: 

Each of the following modules are 20 credits

  • Rulers and Rebels of Early Islam
  • Childhood and Adolescence in Medieval Europe
  • Crusading and Crusader Kingdoms
  • Crime and Public Order in Late Medieval Europe
  • The Silk Roads
  • Society in the Viking World c.800-c.1100
  • Towns and Urban Life in the Middle Ages
  • Sex, Money and Fighting: Women and Men in Imperial China

Research Seminar A and B

  • 10+10 credits

Professional Skills Module

  • 20 credits 

This is a work placement module involving a minimum of 20 days in a work environment in the type of organisation or business sector to which history students might apply after graduation. It would provide an opportunity for a student to develop transferable skills such as team work, problem solving, and presentational skills and give them an opportunity to develop skills of self-reflection. It will also have 5 hours of contact time in introduction, mid-year review and end of year sessions.

Further information on the Professional skills module

Ancient History Option example modules

Each of the following modules are 20 credits

  • Cities and Monuments of the Ancient Mediterranean
  • Human Remains
  • Thinking Athenian
  • Britain in the Roman Empire
  • Roman Women: Matrons and Monsters
  • Mediterranean and European Archaeology
  • Classical Epic
  • Imperial Rome
  • Imperial Egypt

Example Languages

  • Each of the following modules are 20 credits
  • Introduction to Ancient Egyptian A and Introduction to Ancient Egyptian B 
  • Intermediate Egyptian: hieratic
  • Introduction to Greek language 
  • Beginners Greek 1
  • Beginners Greek 2
  • Introduction to Latin Language 
  • Beginners’ Latin 1 
  • Beginners' Latin 2