Drama and English year 2 modules

Compulsory modules

Theatre Realisation I

This seminar-based module will explore theatrical vocabularies at work in the theatre event and will be taught by both academic and production staff. It focusses on scenographic elements, ranging from scenic design, to costume, sound design, digital technologies and multi-media. A range of perspectives are offered throughout the module, offering means of analysis of the conceptual roles of scenographies in historical and contemporary performance. The module also introduces a student-centred, ‘real world’ means of assessment through the production of a ‘piece of work’ as part of a portfolio, accompanied by short pieces of writing modelled on industry requirements, for which close guidance will be provided.

Theatre Realisation II

The module aims to enable the student to approach text-based material for performance through methodologies appropriate to the acting/performance and theatrical realisation derived from a consideration of the text in question. The taught element of the module is predicated on a group examination of context and possible textual approaches and choices, and the application of appropriate methodologies to extracts from a single performance text. Through the development of a number of different rehearsal strategies and methods of textual analysis, students are led through a process of preparation of a text to performance level, preparing them for further study, especially the Level H Production module.

Optional modules (may include) 

Drama Study Options (students choose 1)

  • British Theatre

  • Elizabethan and Jacobean Theatre

  • Historical Avant Garde 

  • Irish Theatre: History, Politics and Culture, 1870 - 1970

  • Popular Performance

  • The Dark Comedy

  • Tragic Acts

  • Politics of Performance

  • Shakespeare on Screen

  • Modern Drama: Ibsen to Pinter 

Drama Practical Options (students choose 1) 

  • Acting

  • Collaborative Strategies 

  • Mask 

  • Monologue

  • Writing for Performance  

Histories of Literature (students choose 2) 

  • Songs and Sonnets: English Poetry from Wyatt to Donne

  • The Canterbury Tales 

  • Popular Fiction before the Novel

  • Epic Ambitions

  • Stories of the Novel

  • Writing the Restoration

  • Fin de Siecle

  • Romantics and Romanticisms

  • Victorian Literature

  • Aspects of Modernism 

  • New World Orders? Literature after 1945

  • Twenty-First-Century Literature

Themes in Literature (students choose 1)  

  • Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies 

  • Colonial/Postcolonial 

  • Digital Futures

  • Enterprising English 

  • Rags and Riches: Wealth and Poverty in American Literature and Culture 

  • Shakespeare's Sisters

  • The Gothic

  • The Use of Genre: Nefarious Plots, Cheap Thrills and the Search for Meaning

  • Tragedy


Shakespeare: Elizabethan and Jacobean