English Language

  • Level: Advanced (English Language, English Language and Literature or English Literature is desirable but not essential alongside at least a B in your chosen Modern Language at A Level)
  • Available as part of BA Modern Languages (R901) or as part of the BA Modern Languages and English Joint Honours programme (7Q6Q). More information about English and Modern Languages combinations can be found on our My Choices  website.

Your first year will cover the descriptive aspects of English, such as its phonology (sound system), morphology (word formation) and grammar in the ‘Sounds, Structures and Words’ module and will examine some of the key theoretical approaches to Language study in ‘Theories of Language’.

In your second year, you can either develop your skills in analysing the technical aspects of the language in modules on ‘English Phonology and Morphology’ and ‘English Grammar’, or choose two modules from a list of options such as:

  • History of the English Language
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Language Acquisition and Literacy
  • Sociolinguistics

Upon your return to Birmingham following your Year Abroad, you will choose two final year options from a range of modules such as:

  • English Language Teaching
  • Discourse and Society
  • Health and Discourse
  • Language in the Workplace
  • Narrative
  • Ordinary Creativity
  • Linguistic Theory
  • Language, Gender and Identity
  • Language and the Mind
  • Words