• Levels: Beginner and Advanced
  • Available if you are taking one, two or three languages.

French Studies at Birmingham is the largest of the Modern Languages sections with around 600 students enrolled on our courses. We are currently ranked first among Russell Group Universities for student satisfaction, with 98% of our students ‘satisfied with the quality of the course’.

We offer modules on French Literature, contemporary French politics and society, recent French history and French Cinema. In some modules we go back as far as the 17th century; others feature events of the last 3 months. We also range across the Francophone world with options focussing on Africa and the Caribbean.

French modules include:

  • Introduction to French Literary and Film Studies;
  • Occupation, Liberation, Peace; La France moderne;
  • Writing, Reacting, Adapting;
  • French Cinema, Media and Visual Culture;
  • Francophone Caribbean Literature;
  • Film and Translation in Practice.