• Levels: Beginner and Advanced
  • Available if you are taking one, two or three languages

Italian at Birmingham is one of the best-staffed centres of Italian in the country, promising an excellent staff-student ratio and a friendly, nurturing learning environment. There are around 120 students specialising in Italian across the four years, so small-group teaching is guaranteed.

Our undergraduate language programme offers courses for beginners and post-A level students. Our syllabus is organised around five themes:

  • Dante and Medieval Italy;
  • Literature and Art of the Italian Renaissance;
  • Contemporary Literature and Film;
  • The Politics and Media;
  • Language / Translation Studies.

Italian modules include:

  • Cinema and the Written Word;
  • Visions of Italy;
  • Summary and Translation;
  • Reading Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio;
  • The Ideal and the Real in Renaissance Literature and Art.