Interdisciplinarity I

Credits: 10


On this module, you will be introduced to interdisciplinary research.  The first few sessions will focus on an interdisciplinary topic, exploring it from different disciplinary perspectives (in 2018-2019, the topic will be shame).

The rest of the module will focus on a specific topic: Truth and Post-Truth in the Age of Big Data.  How can we recognise the truth? In an age of big data, our interests and values have been commodified and exploited, and with accelerated communication, fake news can be disseminated without accountability.

By taking this course, you will learn from a series of experts about the uses and manipulation of language, statistical data and other attempts to persuade someone with a blatant disregard for the truth.  Sessions will examine fake news, social media, oratory, manipulation of scientific data, and abuses in data analysis.

As a class, we will create a fake news inventory identifying examples of fake news that occur during the semester.


Approximately 20 hours.