Interdisciplinarity II

Credits: 10


This problem-based module shows the feel-good act of recycling rubbish to be a complex problem that can only be adequately resolved by taking an interdisciplinary approach. Among the topics covered are: 

  • The technical and scientific aspects of decomposition and waste processes.
  • The sociology of what people throw away.
  • The effect of rubbish on the environment (things that rot, decompose and break down, and things that don’t).
  • The problem of the expense of recycling.
  • Attitudes to what we throw away (in terms of business, as a political issue, ethics, sociological, such as where landfills and recycling centres are located).

You will hear expert speakers approach the problem from a variety of perspectives, and by cultivating a set of interdisciplinary skills you will bring together knowledge and methodologies from the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. Through an exploration of the problem, you will integrate new knowledge and methodologies, weave different disciplines together, and engage in creative thinking.


Approximately 20 hours in total comprising of 10 lectures and 10 seminars.