From Research to Policy: Part Two

Credits: 10


Having explored and determined parameters for the problem, you now work towards the equally challenging task of developing a solution. Working within your multidisciplinary team, you will turn your social issue into a campaign documentary, advocating a series of actions to bring about real change.   

As part of your collaborative investigation of the problem, you will interview key stakeholders and work with real-world organisations.  You will film your interviews, and also implement other research methods explored in Part 1, such as design and analysis of quantitative and qualitative questionnaires.  

Each group presents their campaign to their peers at a Dragon’s Den event, including academic staff and external stakeholders.  

Classes benefit from professional expertise in documentary filmmaking. Outstanding films are screened at the department’s annual Research Festival, and we also actively encourage our students to enter their documentaries at film festivals around the world.  Participation in this module benefits from an element of peer assessment.