Communicable Diseases in International Health

Credits: 10

Assessment:  Individual presentation for 10 minutes on a chosen disease with 5 minutes discussion after

This module will interlock with the other two modules in the strand to provide a day a week of programmed teaching for international health. Each day will use a cross linking theme for the three modules.

Through a combination of lecture and seminar, involving more interactive activities to put the lecture in context, you will explore how healthcare is organised and financed around the world.

Whilst the course is continually being updated, examples of topics that have been covered include the major infectious diseases such as malaria, HIV, Tuberculosis and water borne diseases. Also vaccination will be considered.

As comptent, independent learners, you will be required to identify an area of particular interest to study and present for your assignment.  In total, eah module will involve 75 hours of student study time.

Entry requirements

International students:

Depending on your chosen course of study, you may also be interested in one of our foundation pathways, which offer specially structured programmes for international students whose qualifications are not accepted for direct entry to UK universities. Further details can be found on Birmingham International Academy web pages.