Final Year

Compulsory module:

Philosophical Project (20 or 40 credits)

This module allows you to conduct independent research into and write on a particular philosophical issue of your choice, with assistance from a project supervisor with expertise in your chosen topic.

Example optional modules may include: 

  • Being Good and Doing Right: Issues in Contemporary Moral Theory 

  • Bodies and Beauty 

  • Cognitive Quirks: Topics in Philosophical Psychology 

  • Fantastic Beasts and How to Understand Them: Topics in Philosophy of Biology 

  • Global Bioethics 

  • It's About Time!

  • Minds and Brains

  • Nietzsche 

  • Philosophy of Mathematics 

  • Prejudice, Race and Gender 

  • Reason and Belief 

  • Social Justice 

  • Topics in Philosophy and Religion