Integrated Studies



Year Two

This module is designed to introduce students to clinical practice where they will be prompted to observe and reflect on what they have seen, documenting identified aspects of practice which will be further explored in university-based learning later in the year. The module will encourage learner independence, as a key attribute of a healthcare practitioner, through adopting an enquiry-based learning approach, focusing students on developing knowledge and skill in managing clinical presentations in key priority physiotherapy specialities including: Care of older people; Mental Health; Paediatrics; End of life care; Learning disabilities, and Public Health 


Students will compile a professional development portfolio to document practice-placement learning experience (briefing for this in year 1). The portfolio will act as a resource enabling students to bring experience into the classroom. An EBL model will be adopted where students will work in groups covering 6 thematic areas of practice. Each theme will be supported by the use of external specialist clinicians, service users, video and other electronic media and will centre on case presentation relevant to the theme. 


  1. Mark derived from Practice Placement Assessment Form (50% weighting)
  2. Seminar presentation – 15 minutes. Student presents analysis of a case they have worked with, relevant to the thematic areas (50% weighting)