Project (Physiotherapy)



Year three

This module enables the student to organise and manage a project, to investigate in depth an area of interest that has relevance to the field of physiotherapy. They will have the opportunity to consolidate and develop their skills in searching and critically evaluating available evidence, and following through with the organisation and management of an analytical and evaluative process of enquiry.

There will be an element of choice within the module, enabling students to undertake either an empirical project or to take a literature based approach. The ability to undertake an empirical project is in line with the University’s Learning and Teaching strategy to ensure the quality of a student’s learning experience by providing the opportunity for undergraduate students to undertake a supervised research project.


The students are given a preparation week at the end of their second year. During this week they are required to undertake set tasks in groups that helps prepare them for the module. Following this week students are allocated to a tutor. The tutor will offer meetings within a group or for an individual.


Written thesis 8000 words (excluding references)
Required to be completed during May
Contributes to 100% of the marks