Managing the Patient with Cardiorespiratory Problems



Year Two

The module will prepare students for clinical practice within medical and surgical, cardiovascular and cardio-respiratory healthcare. Knowledge will be developed of relevant scientific principles with application to real-world scenarios. This will be achieved through use of case study material and skills development necessary for students to acquire clinically relevant and evidence-based knowledge and understanding. Hi-fidelity simulation activities will promote development of practical and clinical reasoning skills aimed at promoting safe and effective practice.

Practical sessions will include the acquisition of appropriate assessment, management and treatment skills through the integration of theory and practice and the principles of clinical effectiveness. Students will be assisted in the development of an holistic and person-centred approach to promote shared decision-making within their physiotherapy service provision.  


Lectures will introduce topics and will be fully explored by students within practical and case study groups, small group sessions and seminars. Further learning will take place through the use of bespoke hi-fidelity simulation and electronic media; additional contributors may include patients and carers to develop service-user perspectives.

Students will be facilitated in the development of a skills log to support the management and recording of their university-based learning in this field. Regular bridging sessions with the other two core fields of physiotherapy (musculoskeletal and neurology) will be scheduled to facilitate an integrated understanding and approach to contemporary physiotherapy practice.


Written assignment - Evidenced-based essay based on a provided scenario / case study  (70% weighting)                                   Practical assessment  (30% weighting)