Practice Placement 6 – The Emerging Graduate Physiotherapist



Year Three

This 8-week placement will be the final module of the Programme. Together with consolidation of communication, assessment, management, treatment, handling and CPD skills developed from previous placements, this placement will prepare students for practice as graduate physiotherapists. Students will participate in an aspect of audit, evaluation, or service development, and have opportunity to develop leadership skills through mentorship of first year physiotherapy students. They will be expected to demonstrate highly proficient skills of caseload management, e.g. time management, prioritisation of caseload, accurate reporting and recording, adaptable and fluent communication, managing demands and conflicts of the workplace.

The placement will incorporate a non-contact day each week to allow for mentorship of first year student, and project work related to audit, evaluation or service development. 


  1. Mark derived from Practice Placement Assessment Form 
  2. Written report of project - 500 words 
  3. Portfolio entry critically reflecting on mentorship of 1st year student - 300 words