Becoming a Researcher



Year One

20 Credits

This module focuses on developing the basic skills needed to be an effective researcher. This will include introductions to the philosophy of science and the research process, literature searching, reading research articles, and data collection, manipulation, analysis, and preparation. This will take a research-led teaching approach, introducing students to research in the school in the broad area of physical activity, nutrition and health. 

The module will have personal tutorials embedded into the project work, in line with the New Academic Teaching Year. In practical sessions, the students will collect anthropometric, physiological, and psychological data into a large data set which will then be used in the data science sessions. Students will also complete research hours either as participants or observers. Learning outcomes

By the end of the module students should be able to:

  • Perform effective literature searches and critical reading to inform a mini project
  • Demonstrate understanding of the current literature on how physical activity affects health
  • Manipulate data, and choose, perform, and interpret data analysis tests on data collected in practical classes
  • Demonstrate understanding of the research process and the research context of the School


Canvas Quizzes (10%) 
Research Hours (10%) 
Group mini project (30%) 
Examination (50%) 

Reassessment: Examination (100%)