Year 2

Compulsory module: 

The Human Condition (20 credits)

The module will address issues and questions that occur at the ‘borderlands’ between Philosophy and Theology/Religion. The module will focus on: a) the human predicament as described in a number of selected religious and philosophical traditions; and b) the meaning and goal of human life, again, as understood in a number of selected religious or philosophical traditions.

Example optional modules may include (choose at least 40 credits in each group):

Group A (Theology and Religion)

  • Dissertation Preparation (20 credits)
  • Placement (20)
  • Auschwitz in History and Memory (20)
  • Dharmic Traditions and Religions (20)
  • Global Islam (20)
  • Science, Belief and Society (20)
  • Religion and the Public Sphere (20)

Group B (Philosophy and Ethics)

  • Elements of Logic and Metaphysics (20)
  • Experience and Reason: Early Modern Philosophy (20)
  • Feminist Philosophy (20)
  • History of Analytic Philosophy (20)
  • Sex, Ethics and Philosophy (20)
  • Speaking of Things (20)
  • The Ethics and Politics of Climate Change (20)
  • The Ethics of Killing (20)
  • The Mind-Body Problem (20)