Year 2

Compulsory module: 

The Human Condition (20 credits)

The module will address issues and questions that occur at the ‘borderlands’ between Philosophy and Theology/Religion. The module will focus on: a) the human predicament as described in a number of selected religious and philosophical traditions; and b) the meaning and goal of human life, again, as understood in a number of selected religious or philosophical traditions. Such issues, taken together, are given the title ‘paradigms of belief’ to indicate the different structures, worldviews and systems that inform and direct human life and activity in its global variety.  

Example optional modules may include (choose at least 40 credits in each group):

Group A (Theology and Religion) 

  • Atheisms: From Voltaire to Dawkins (10)

  • Buddhism (10)

  • Dissertation Preparation (20 credits)

  • Placement (20)

  • Religion and the Arts (10)

  • Religion in Contemporary Society (20)

  • Sikhism (10)

  • Theological Ethics (20)

Group B (Philosophy and Ethics)

  • Elements of Logic and Metaphysics (20)

  • Experience and Reason: Early Modern Philosophy (20)

  • Feminist Philosophy (20)

  • History of Analytic Philosophy (20)

  • Sex, Ethics and Philosophy (20)

  • Speaking of Things (20)

  • The Ethics and Politics of Climate Change (20)

  • The Ethics of Killing (20)

  • The Mind-Body Problem (20)