Final Year

Compulsory module (choose one of the following):

Dissertation (Theology and Religion) (40 credits)

This is a major piece of independent work for which a topic is identified and research is carried out with supervisory help to produce a 12,000-word essay.


6,000-word Dissertation (Theology and Religion) (20) 

The 6,000-word dissertation is a piece of substantial independent research on a subject in Theology and/or Religion chosen by the individual student, but subject to approval by the Department. 


Placement-based Dissertation (Theology and Religion) (40)

The placement-based dissertation is an extended piece of substantial independent research (9,000 words) on a topic in Theology and/or Religion linked to a specific placement context chosen by the individual student. Students negotiate a placement involving a minimum of 100 hours in a setting of their own choice, subject to approval from the Department. 


Philosophical Project (40)

This module allows you to conduct independent research into and write on a particular philosophical issue of your choice, with assistance from a project supervisor with expertise in your chosen topic.

Optional modules may include (choose at least 20 credits in each group):

Group A 

  • Nietzsche (20)
  • Prejudice, Race and Gender (20)

Group B

  • Advanced New Testament Greek A and B 
  • Biblical Hebrew Language A and B 
  • Biblical Hebrew Texts A and B
  • New Testament Greek A and B 
  • Jewish Religious Response to the Holocaust
  • Christmas and Ethical Consuming 
  • Historical and Contemporary Debates on the Holocaust 
  • Politics in the Name of God: From Democratization to Holy War
  • Special Study - Autumn 
  • Special Study - Spring 
  • The Ethics of Character 
  • Understanding and Countering Radical Islamic Thought and Practices
  • Visions of God in Christian Theology
  • World Christianity 
  • World Christianity: Christian Theology on Five Continents