Year 2

Compulsory modules:

Political Analysis (20)

This module uses classic and contemporary research about substantive political issues to introduce you to a range of key theories, concepts and debates within Political Science. The module thus allows you to consider a range of approaches to political analysis, to the nature and distribution of power, and to state-societal relations in the contemporary world. 

Religion in the Public Sphere (20)

This module is a compulsory second year module for all students on the BA Politics, Religion and Philosophy programme. It consolidates learning about the three subjects gained in the first year and continues to bring their concerns, insights and methods into dialogue by focussing on issues and regions of concern in the contemporary world. A main aim of the module is to ensure that students leaving the Politics, Religion and Philosophy programme can offer analysis and advice in public arenas on religious, political and philosophical issues in an informed and robust manner and can explain the value and skills of their degree studies to prospective employers. 

The Ethics and Politics of Climate Change (20)

Climate change is one of the greatest ethical challenges faced by humans today. Most of the issues surrounding climate change are also highly controversial. This module will begin with a brief introduction to the most up-to-date science and economics of climate change.  We will then explore the following sorts of ethical and political questions raised by climate change:

  • What should we do as individuals about climate change?
  • What should governments do?
  • How should we react to uncertainty and controversy about the future course of climate change?
  • Who should compensate the victims of climate change? 

Example optional modules may include (choose 20 credits in each group):

Group A (Theology and Religion)

  • Dissertation Preparation (20 credits)

  • Placement (20)

  • Religion and the Arts (10)

  • Religion in Contemporary Society (20)

  • Theological Ethics (20)

Group B (Politics)

  • British Politics (20)

  • International Political Economy (20)

  • Politics and Policy (20)

  • Public Choice Theory (20)

Group C (Philosophy)

  • Sex, Ethics and Philosophy (20)

  • Speaking of Things (20)

  • The Ethics of Killing (20)

  • The Mind-Body Problem (20)