Year 1

Compulsory modules:

Introduction to Biblical Studies (20 credits)

This module aims to give students an introduction to Hebrew Bible and New Testament from the perspective of academic Biblical Studies. Topics covered relate to the historical background to these texts; questions of authorship, dating, and original audience; literary relationships between biblical books; the historicity of the biblical narratives; different theological interpretations of the events the Bible describes; and the relationship between academic and confessional approaches.

Lived Religions in Birmingham and Beyond (20)

 In this module, students will explore the lived dimensions of religion in Birmingham and the wider region. They will examine the links between Birmingham’s complex vibrant, urban, religious and secular landscape and how this relates to the UK and world as a whole, by following growth and changes in the diverse range of religious communities of Birmingham. Through lectures, site visits, seminars, and workshops students will develop key skills for the study of lived religions.


Example optional modules may include: 

  • Defining Jews, Jewishness and Judaism(s) (10)

  • Introduction to the Study of the Holocaust (10)

  • Themes in Christian Theology (10)