Year 1

Compulsory modules:

Introduction to the Study of Religion (20 credits)

This module introduces students to a range of questions, theories and methods in the inter-disciplinary study of religion, focusing especially on the social and cultural analysis of religion. A range of case studies will be used to explore how different aspects of religion can be explored as a constantly changing social phenomenon. Examples of this may include social, communal, individualistic, egalitarian, revivalist, and gendered modes of modern religiosities. An introduction is also offered to wider theories and debates in sociology, cultural studies and anthropology as a basis for the study of religion.

Lived Religions in Birmingham and Beyond (20)

 In this module, students will explore the lived dimensions of religion in Birmingham and the wider region. They will examine the links between Birmingham’s complex vibrant, urban, religious and secular landscape and how this relates to the UK and world as a whole, by following growth and changes in the diverse range of religious communities of Birmingham. Through lectures, site visits, seminars, and workshops students will develop key skills for the study of lived religions.

Example optional modules may include: 

  • The Bible and Global Challenges (20)
  • Truth, Deception and Ethics in Philosophy and Film (20)
  • Introduction to Islam (20)
  • Wealth, Race and Gender: Political Theologies (20)