Lloyds Scholars - student profiles

Our first successful candidates from the award-winning Lloyds Scholars programme have just completed their first term at the University. Here you can learn more about how they are finding life as a student at Birmingham and as a Lloyds Scholar. 

Brandon Doherty

A Lloyds Scholar from Birmingham, studying Philosophy, Religion and Ethics.

A photograph of Lloyds Scholar Brandon Doherty"The Lloyds Scholars programme has been an amazing opportunity so far. The programme has provided me with plenty of things get involved in, in particular getting the chance to attend the alumni event at the House of Lords. This was a standout moment for me from last semester. I had the opportunity to meet some amazing individuals who had experienced Birmingham as a student and overall had a great experience, enjoying the London skyline at night.

Having clocked up some hours already I have decided to get involved with the volunteering group Kids Adventure, which is great fun as well as volunteering at a local Primary School. It hasn’t been easy though; I have suffered setbacks, such as sorting out DBS/CRB documentation to actually be able to start volunteering. Everything I have done so far has been very rewarding from going to the House of Lords and attending a careers event in Stourbridge promoting the Scholars programme just to name a few. By getting involved in lots of different volunteer activity, I have completed 25.5 volunteer hours so far.

One thing I would say is don’t be afraid to get involved – get stuck into volunteering and put your name forward for things. We worked so hard to get this Scholarship so let us make the most of it."

Lee Chapman

A Lloyds Scholar from Norwich, studying Music.

A photograph of Lloyds Scholar Lee Chapman“As the end of term approaches, I've found how busy and hectic life as a fresher at university is - and at first I worried about the added pressure of finding a volunteering placement.

After eventually gaining an interview with Student Action for Refugees (STAR) I haven’t become a member yet due to the necessity of a DBS check and child protection training, meaning I haven't been able to do any hours with them. I was unable to secure this check as all the available time slots left are during lectures and exams.

So, I decided to get the ball rolling and found some work at the charity shop Barnardos in Harborne. I thought it would be a short placement ideally to get me some hours logged but actually as I have got to know more about the charity and enjoyed the work I've been doing, I've decided I'm going to stay on throughout the year, as well as hopefully gaining more work with STAR.

This made me realise that being a Lloyds Scholar isn't just about saying you have done 100 hours, but it's about making a difference and finding something you are passionate about to help with - and this is when the number of hours get forgotten about.”