Applying for Student Finance Video Transcript

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Before applying I need:

  • My preferred university/course details
  • My UK passport number
  • My National Insurance Number
  • My parent/guardian's income details
  • My bank account details

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You can use the Student Finance England online calculator before making your application to get an estimate of what you could be entitled to; this may help you decide whether it is worthwhile being means-tested (providing your household income details).

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Visit the online calculator at

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Register for your student finance account online at

Did you know that applying online is the fastest, most convenient way to be assessed for student finance?

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Log into your account using your Customer Reference Number (CRN) or the email address you registered with.  

Make a note of your CRN - if you need to contact Student Finance England you will be asked for this.

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You should use the details of your first choice university/course to complete your application.

Did you know that you can change these details at any time without making a new application?

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An 'Evidence Summary' screen will appear at the end of your application telling you what additional documents are required by post.

Evidence required may depend on whether you are being assessed as a dependant or independent student.

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If you did not provide a valid UK passport number in your application, you will need to confirm your identity by sending Student Finance England a copy of your birth/adoption certificate. 

You must send the original certificate along with a counter-signed 'birth or adoption certificate form'.

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Sending evidence - Handy Hints!

Always include your Customer Reference Number (CRN) with any additional evidence you send to Student Finance England.

You may also wish to send any evidence by recorded delivery; this will reduce the risk of important documents getting lost in the post.

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Send evidence to:
Student Finance England
PO Box 210

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Once your application has been assessed you will be sent a Student Finance Notification Letter showing what you are entitled to and when you can expect payment into your nominated bank account.

You can change your bank details at any time by logging into your student finance account.

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Financial Declaration:

You must sign and return the accompanying declaration as soon as possible. If you do not wish to take the loans available to you, just enter '0' in the applicable amount box.

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Your household income figure will be shared with the University (as long as you gave consent in your application). The Student Funding Office uses this figure to determine if you are eligible for a means-tested bursary from the University. 

For more information visit our website:

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You may be entitled to additional support if you have dependant children:

  • Parents' Learning Allowance (apply as part of the main Student Finance application)
  • Child Care Grant (Download the CCG1 form from

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Or if you have an adult dependant or a disability:

  • Adult Dependants' Grant (apply as part of the main Student Finance application)
  • Disabled Students' Allowance (Download the DSA form from

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Once you have registered, the University will send confirmation of your attendance to Student Finance England; this means you will be paid on time (as detailed in your Student Finance Payment Timetable).

This confirmation also ensures your Tuition Fee Loan is paid directly to University.

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Remember, in order for both you and the University to be paid:

  • You must sign and return your financial declaration to Student Finance England
  • You must complete the University's online registration process via the Student Portal

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Student Finance Timeline

February: You can now start making your application online for student finance; you do not need an offer to apply for finance!

March: Universities will begin issuing offers; you will need to reply to all your offers before the deadline given by UCAS.

31 May: Student Finance Deadline.

August: It's exam results time! Good luck, we hope you get the entry grades required for your preferred course.

September: If you haven't already registered with the University, make sure you do or your student finance won't be paid!

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Student Finance England: 0845 300 5090
Student Funding Office: 0121 414 7391