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We understand that it might be hard to picture what your first year at University will look like in these uncertain times. That's why we wanted to offer some materials to help you to get prepared and learn a little more about what Management at Birmingham is all about.

Summer reading

recommended by our lecturers


A series of short videos on entrepreneurship, made during Senior Lecturer Dr Endrit Kromidha’s British Council Creative Spark project


Quarantined Market Podcast, with Finola Kerrigan


Cortrell, S. (2019) The study skills handbook. London: Macmillan
Any of the Sage ‘Very Short, Fairly Interesting, Reasonably Cheap’ series related to business, management, leadership, entrepreneurship

A selection of textbooks written by staff that are used in our undergraduate programmes:
Ed Granter/sociology of work
Mark Saunder/business research methods
Isabelle Szmigin/consumer behaviour
Scott Taylor/leadership

A message from one of

our programme directors

Mark Foster introduces our Business Management with Communications course from home

Meet your peers

Academics in the Department of Management asked first-year students from Birmingham Business School for their thoughts on diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias. This is what they said.

Find out about our UoB Business Society:

Meet some of our faculty

Holly Birkett and Sarah Forbes speak about their Equal Parenting project
Dr Juliet Kele - the importance of responsible business in education
Professor Scott Taylor - Analysing leadership critically

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