police officers in high visibility jackets

In its broadest sense, Criminology is the study of crime; at Birmingham, our primary focus is on the social drivers of crime and so we spend a lot of time thinking about the ways in which crime relates to wider social issues such as poverty and inequality. Our degree allows you to explore the ways in which perspectives from other disciplines such as sociology and social policy may further enhance our understanding of crime.

It is important to keep up with academic and topical debate as well as current affairs to broaden your understanding. Below we have listed some useful resources that can get you started:


Social Science Bites

Thinking Allowed

SAGE Criminology

University of Oxford Centre for Criminology Podcast


Online resources

Discover Society is an online journal which cuts across politics, economics, sociology, criminology and social policy – a truly social science publication. It offers lots of topical debates and discussions which will be relevant to your studies. 

The Conversation is a website which contains short articles on a range of subjects written by academics. These articles are written in a more journalistic fashion than ordinary academic articles and is a great resource to help keep up with current academic debates.



Crime, Robert Reiner

Violence and Society, Larry Ray

Harmful Societies: Understanding Social Harm, Simon Pemberton

Crime and Society in Britain, Hazel Croall

On The Run, Alice Goffman

The Corner: A Year in the Life of an Inner-City Neighbourhood, David Simon & Edward Burns

The End of Policing, Alex S. Vitale