Politics and International Development

Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament in London

Politics and international development degrees allow you to examine the most important political issues that we face today. You will need to engage with complex, challenging problems and real world issues while weighing up evidence and the opinions of others before reaching your own conclusions.

The School of Government have created some resources for students to explore in preparation for university; they consist of podcasts, reading and film suggestions and module outlines. We have highlighted some resources below but do explore the full series.

Discover more resources

Political Theory

Overview of Political Theory, John S. Dryzek, Bonnie Honig, and Anne Phillips (The Oxford Handbook of Political Science)

What Kind of Country – This American Life Podcast

What I learned about freedom after escaping North Korea, Yeonmi Park (TED Talk)

What new power looks like, Jeremy Heimans (TED Talk)

Citizenship and migration – concepts and controversies, Rainer Bauböck 

"Everyone has the right to a nationality!" - European Network on Statelessness

Gender Studies

Interview with Cynthia Enloe

What is Social Reproduction Theory? Tithi Bhattacharya

Angela Davis Speaks on 'Freedom and Democracy’

Political Economy

What Brexit and austerity tell us about economics, policy and the media, Simon Wren-Lewis

Emissions Gap Report 2019, UN Environment Programme

International Development

The "bottom billion" Paul Collier (TED Talk)

From Our Own Correspondent (BBC Podcast)

World Development Reports (World Bank)