Mason is located at the south of the Vale Village. It offers a number of en-suite bedrooms in addition to 36 apartments with double beds which are suitable for couples.

Studio 1
Key Information 
Accommodation Type(s)
  • En-suite, Self-catered, 804 Rooms
  • Self-catered studio apartment, 36 Rooms
Contract Length 50 weeks (21st September 2020 to 10th July 2021)
Price (2019-20)

En-suite, Self-catered

  • Weekly cost: £159
  • Total cost: £7,886

Our studio apartments cost £248 per week

Price (2020-21)
  • TBC January 2020
Village The Vale Village
Postal Address

Church Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham, B15 3SZ

Mason is situated towards the bottom of the Vale Village, and features alongside the Vale Lake. The accommodation was constructed a decade ago. The residence contains en-suite bedrooms in flats of five or six, all with large and spacious shared kitchens, as well as a range of Studio Apartments for those who wish to have a more comprehensive living space.

The blocks that Mason is comprised of also feature bike storage facilities and there is a number of adaptable and accessible rooms available here.Virtual tour of a Mason studio apartment

Disability access

See the Disabled Go site for a detailed disability access audit