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 As the parent or carer of someone thinking of applying to university, it is very likely that you will have your own questions about how the process works. From GCSEs to university, the University of Birmingham has plenty of information and resources to help you support your son/daughter in making informed decisions about their future. 

Hear from the parents of University of Birmingham graduates!

Five reasons your son/daughter should consider university

  1. To study something they enjoy and learn more about a subject they’re passionate about
  2. To pursue a specific profession that requires a degree-level qualification
  3. To enhance their employment prospects and earning potential
  4. To develop new skills, knowledge and interests 
  5. To meet people from different countries and backgrounds




Mother of Hayley Vernon-Freeth

Mother of Hayley Vernon-Freeth

Business Management graduate

“‘I didn’t go to university – the opportunity never arose for me. But when Hayley said she wanted to go, we supported her all the way. She’s inspired her brother and he’s applying to universities for next year. Other parents might be concerned, like I was, but I would say you should follow your child’s instinct. They know where they want to go in life and what they want to achieve and they will get there with your 100% support. I’m just so proud of her.’”


To find out more about supporting your son/daughter during their educational journey to university, download our Guide for Parents and Carers or visit our FAQs page.