Preparing for University

Ahead of your son/daughter starting university, you could support them to become more independent. Whether your son/daughter moves to university accommodation or lives at home, there are important life skills they should know.


Your son/daughter may decide they want to move into university accommodation. If this is the case, they should spend some time thinking about what type of accommodation they are looking for. The cost of accommodation will vary depending on the student’s preferences and budget. At Birmingham, we understand that for most students, university accommodation will be their first time living independently, therefore we offer a fantastic variety of living arrangements, all of which provide a safe, secure and sociable start to university. 


You could help your son/daughter to create a budget plan for them to work to whilst at university. They can learn to identify their termly income and expenditure (e.g., food, travel, socialising) and, from this, work out a weekly allowance.

If students are looking for part-time work to support their lifestyle, they should be able to find work either at the university or in the local area. At the University of Birmingham Worklink  offers on-campus work for students throughout the year. Undergraduate students are able to work up to 15 hours per week. Hours are flexible and students can accept or decline work to fit around their studies.


It is recommended that students commuting to the University use public transport. The easiest way is by train. Birmingham is the only University in mainland UK to have its own railway station on campus, known as University station. The journey takes approximately seven minutes from Birmingham New Street and up to six trains an hour depart for the University on the cross city line (final destination Bromsgrove or Redditch). The bus service numbers 1, 1A, 48, 61, 63, 76, X20,X21, X22 all travel to the University’s main Edgbaston campus.


Knowing how to wash and iron clothes is a necessity if students are looking to move away for university. Teaching your son/daughter the basics, such as reading clothing labels and knowing the proper amount of detergent to add, will support them in becoming more self-sufficient, confident and independent.

Meal Planning 

Your son/daughter should understand the importance of a balanced diet. Over the summer before university, you could practise some student-friendly recipes together that do not require a lot of ingredients or equipment. This will give you peace of mind that your child is eating well if they decide to move away.