Liberty Close Birmingham

In order to fulfill the Fresher’s Guarantee Scheme, the University maintains agreements with local private providers that meet our quality standards.

Rooms in these residences form part of our Scheme and students may be allocated these in their first year. You will be placed with other University of Birmingham students, in the same way as you would be in University-owned accommodation


Accommodation type

Self-catered, en suite accommodation, 251 rooms

Contract length

42 weeks

Price guide (2017-18)

Weekly cost £135
Total cost £5,649

  • In order to secure this accommodation a deposit of £200 will be required once you have received your contract from Liberty Living.
  • For further details, visit the Liberty Living Queens Hospital Close page at the Liberty Living site.
  • Explore your living area and understand where Liberty Close is located with this map showcasing key student areas near the university and city centre.

James Robertson, former Vice President Housing and Community for the Guild of Students' lived at Liberty Close, and says:

When living in Liberty Close you are amongst a number of students living and working together, and the gated community it has generates a really tight bond between residents. Many of the students I lived with in my first year are still close friends today. It's location is great - you are within walking distance of all your city centre attractions, shops and clubbing areas. However, if walking is not your thing, Five Ways train station is a 5 minute walk away and will get you to campus or the city centre in a matter of minutes.

The University benefits from excellent public transport links that provide access to numerous destinations across the UK. For more information about public transport in Birmingham view our website.


Liberty Close to the 
University of Birmingham

Liberty Close to city
centre (New Street station)


40 minutes

15 minutes


15 minutes

5 minutes

Public transport

15 mins 98 or 99 bus

Five Ways Train station
3 minutes (4 minute walk
to the station)

 Five Ways train station
5 minutes (4 minute walk)